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Design to Print:

We offer RPT components with final product strength and fitment and our MOQ is 1 no.

Product designed in any CAD software like AutoCAD,Solidworks,Sketchup,Tinkercad etc are exported to desirable .stl/.obj format and uploaded to us.

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Material Selection and Accuracy

According to the required 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping application,material is selected and accuracy determined.

Material : ABS,PLA,PET-G,HIPS,Nylon,Carbon Fibre,other

Surface Finishing and Shipping:

On receiving the 3D file and required details for 3D printing,we provide you with the quote and delivery time.

Be it Industrial Prototypes,commercial products,Low Volume Production,Medical Conceptual Models or any 3D product we promise accuracy,surface finish and on time delivery.

The final product after support removal and surface finish is delivered to your address.